Discover 30+

Your Strategic Partner in Digital Innovation.

Founded in 2023, 30+ (formerly 30+ Pte Ltd) embarked on a visionary journey to bridge the technological marvels of Asia and North America with the rich tapestry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our inception was fueled by a desire to introduce groundbreaking infrastructure technologies to the KSA, melding global advancements with local nuances.
Our leadership is our strength. Boasting a rich lineage of industry mavens, our team is composed of experts who have left their mark in spheres such as consulting, smart device innovation, and the realm of Artificial Intelligence. This diverse expertise ensures that our approach is comprehensive, contemporary, and always client-centric.
At 30+, we don’t just aim to deliver; we aim to excel. Our mission is to wield our profound technological acumen while honoring local traditions and values. This balance ensures that our clients consistently receive solutions that are not only cutting-edge but also deeply relevant and valuable.
Your aspirations guide us, and with 30+ by your side, a world of advanced, tailored solutions awaits. Dive in and experience the future with a touch of tradition.